Soylent Awards $25K to LA-Based Startups as Part of Newly Launched Soylent Innovation Lab

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Soylent launched Soylent Innovation Lab, a collaborative office space for up-and-coming startups who share Soylent’s vision: to change the way the world thinks about food – for the better. The Soylent Innovation Lab was created to cultivate a community of innovators, giving promising young companies the opportunity to succeed in today’s startup world. Over 50 companies applied for the program which awarded cash grants and complimentary office space to select local emerging startups. Of the pool, six finalists were invited to pitch their concepts in front of an audience and a panel of judges at the Soylent HQ. The presentations were moderated by Soylent CEO, Bryan Crowley and judges included Soylent founder, Rob Rhinehart, Soylent Board member and former President of Nestle Beverages, Rob Case, and Refactor Capital Managing Partner, David Lee.

On December 12th, In-House Produce, Journey Foods, Koldwave, Inc., Stacey & Mom, and Pulp Pantry pitched their company’s in a Shark-Tank style presentation to judges. Journey Foods clinched first place with their plant-derived nutrition delivery: micro foods. Their first product line focuses on re-imagining fruit snacks and adding functional ingredient complexes to target immunity, digestion, energy and brain function with the goal to change the face of traditional nutrition and snacking in offices, schools, homes and more. Journey Foods was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Soylent Innovation Lab and a year of free office space at Soylent HQ.

“Journey Foods is a food technology company solving the $600 billion yearly nutrient access problem. We are creating a new category of food called Micro Foods. I am excited to continue to learn, partner, and develop more nutritious, affordable, and efficient products for many people in the US and beyond. “

Runner ups included Stacey & Mom and In-House Produce. Stacey & Mom uses simple ingredients to make delicious vegan, gluten free, soy free and nut free family meals and snacks. In-House Produce helps restaurants and households grow their own hydroponic vegetables in their dining areas, using a combination of logistics, servicing, and smart hardware. Both Stacey & Mom and In-House Produce received $5,000 grants as well as complimentary office space at Soylent HQ

“We’re thrilled to kick-off the Soylent Innovation Lab with a such a great group of promising entrepreneurs,” shared CEO of Soylent, Bryan Crowley. “We are invigorated by startups like those chosen to join the Lab and we are excited to be in a position where we can lend the support and space, to see them grow into successful companies”

As a member of the Innovation Lab, participating companies will have access to Soylent’s expansive downtown headquarters including use of conference and boardrooms, kitchen, bar, rooftop deck, and more — which will enable inspired collaboration while working in the heart of Los Angeles’ newest cradle of innovation: The Arts District. The Soylent Innovation Lab also offers a range of value-added services, including mentorship opportunities, strategic resources, and access to a supportive community space that helps emerging businesses launch, grow and thrive. The Soylent Innovation Lab will also offer “office hours” giving members the opportunity to meet and learn from Soylent executives across divisions. Companies will have access to learn from division heads who will share advice and guidance in areas of interest within the food & tech space, from sales to innovation.

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