Co-working space for the future of food

There will be 9.7 billion people on this planet by 2050, and food production must increase by 70% to feed them all.

It will take a dedicated collective of like-minded individuals and companies committed to finding innovative ways to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Simply put, it will take a community, and Soylent wants to be at the forefront of helping establish this growing, global community. That’s how the mission behind Soylent Innovation Lab was born.


The Innovation Lab

Soylent Innovation Lab is inviting up-and-coming food tech and other innovative companies who share our goals, vision, and values to join us in changing the way the world consumes food- for the better.

We want to partner with you and give you the unique opportunity to increase your business’ influence by working alongside our team of dreamers, doers, and makers.

As a member of Soylent Innovation Lab, your company and employees will have access to our sprawling, 30,000 sq ft space at 555 Mateo Street.

Conference and boardroom access, reception, plenty of nooks for meetings and ideation sessions, a bar, and a beautiful roof deck for hosting clients and small events; all right here in the heart of LA’s newest cradle of innovation: The Arts District.


How to apply

It’s simple: just write a short synopsis of your company’s vision, why you’d be a great fit for Soylent Innovation Lab and provide us with any other pertinent materials.

And, since we understand the challenges of being a startup, we’ll be offering free spaces to select early-stage food tech innovators.

Thank you for your interest in our program and, most importantly, for helping to contribute to future food solutions that will sustain our planet and feed our neighbor.